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What if you could get honest feedback from your customers every time they made a purchase?

Get structured feedback automatically every time a customer make a purchase digital or non-digital.

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Collecting customer feedback is as simple as asking

Distribute on multiple channels – our software make it easy for your customers to answer


Ask for feedback with an in-app pop-up when your customer has signed up for a subscription.


Send personalized emails automatically a few days after a purchase to receive feedback.


Print a QR-code directly on the receipt and ask for the customers opinion after paying the bill. 


Print a QR-code on a poster and hang it where the customer leaves the store to receive feedback 


Print a QR code directly on your product and motivate with a monthly lottery to receive feedback.

The Journeytool Workflow

Become more customer-centric and deliver more than what is expected

1. Define

Define your journey with the journey mapping tool.

2. Collect

Automate data collection based on your journey.

3. Analyse

Gain insights by analyzing the collected feedback 

4. Roadmap

Share roadmap plan with your team and customers.

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No credit card required to use our software – the free plan includes up to 10 free responses per month.